NEW: 2015 Route Options

Due to major reconstruction of VT-100 on the Wardsboro / Mt. Snow climb, we are going to have to reroute the southern part of the ride, finishing south of Brattleboro, rather than Readsboro. The section being reconstructed was heavily damaged during Hurricane Irene several years ago and this paving project will correct the patchwork repairs made to get the road back into service.  The last thing we want is to put road bikes on 10 miles of construction gravel!

While we could revert to the route that we followed through most of the 1980s, continuing down VT-30 to Brattleboro, a look at the map reveals another intriguing option, and that is taking VT-103 to Chester, then VT-35 to Grafton, rejoining VT-30 in Townshend. While this route is easier than the Terrible Mountain climb, it still has some challenging pulls between Chester and Grafton.  The real advantage to this route is that it is both shadier than VT-100, and there are some truly beautiful sections.  It is a real treat to ride, making this an attractive alternative for those who have ridden the 100/200 in the past and would welcome some variation.

Cyclists who been thinking of skipping the ride this year because the late start to the riding season delayed their preparation should rethink this, in light of the new route options. We are going to make the Chester - Grafton detour the “official” route, while also posting the Terrible Mountain version as an option for those who want to stay on VT-100 for as long as possible. We’ll all end up in the same place. The finish for both rides will be on VT-142, following the river, south of Brattleboro.


Hyde Park

Cruising towards Hancock (2014)



Here are the maps for both routes:

Grafton - Chester (9,380’ of climbing):
Terrible Mountain (10,200’ of climbing):


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